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Monday, December 8, 2008

JUST A NUT Back in the HooHaa TB Race and in 2nd Place!

The mystery is a sol-ved. Just A Nut a racer in the Great HooHaa TB Race was officially missing for several weeks now.

In my recent article Have You Seen This Nut??? a full investigation by the GeoPolice was undertaken. There were very little clues except for one lead. It turns out that the lead was good and Just A Nut has been found. In fact, the big lug has been placed in a cache near Crofton, Maryland. This gives Just A Nut 212 Miles and a firm second place in the race.

You can follow all the HooHaa Travel Bug Racers by watching our score board at the bottom of this blog.

1 comment:

P.J. said...

It's good the nut is back. But, I imagine down the line, it's just gonna get screwed anyway.

Badda badda bum!

A 'lil HooHaa