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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just Ducky

Miss Geoness reaches high to get a ducky cache out of a tree. Geocaching in Cary, NC today.

Well it was a rather cool day out today with 40 mile an hour winds and the wind chills in the teens. We picked up a few quick caches before calling it quits. Miss Geoness tends to get Broncitis and I did not want to push it. Was fun and more walks on the gazzilion green ways in the Cary, North Carolina area. Good times on the last day of 2008.


Unknown said...

Sounds like the best way to end the year.

Anonymous said...

My last day of the year had me shoveling snow off of the roof for fear of a collapse... I would much rather have been out geocaching.

Winter is not very friendly to us cachers here in Eastern Washington. With all the snow the search becomes MUCH more difficult.

Just John said...

I'm glad that you still managed to get some fun in. I'm guessing that you and Miss Geoness are quite a formidable caching team. I dig her sweatshirt, by the way; Pooh is one of my personal heroes.

I tried to stay home as much as possible yesterday. Okinawa is in the throes of their biggest celebration of the year. Being out and about can be truly dangerous!

P.J. said...

I thankfully got to pick up three yesterday on my way home... which was a nice way to end the year. Then I get home and it's all white and freezing cold. Dah!

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