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Friday, February 26, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD: The Doh Factor

My geocaching senses were way off on this lunchtime geocache. It was a cool sunny day and I wanted this one bad. It was my fourth attempt and it was getting on my nerves.

I'm not going to give this one completely away but I will fill you in on some of the details. The hide is this, a very muggle filled area with a lot of pipes in a confined space. There are multiple possibilities for the hide to be. Because of what is in the pipes created for me a very uncomfortable situation but that also increased the intensity of the hunt itself. This was in no way an easy park and grab.

This time I went at this one aggressively, no kinda look here or soft touch there. This time I attacked the area like a full body search and I was not going to be polite. After 10 minutes of searching I still came up empty - Dang, not again.

Determined to find this I stepped back and looked at the area with an outside the box viewpoint. I knew the geocache was there. If it is not in the likely or unlikely places then go for the impossible spots. After a few minutes I noticed one teeny-tiny thing that looked out of place. Ah-ha, the geocache and the Doh! to the forehead was mine.

I don't know about you but I love the satisfaction of a geocache that I had to work for and eventually found. No matter how many times it takes.

If you email or direct message me I will send you a shot of the actual find.

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Anonymous said...

I had one of these today. I won't lie -- it was a terrain 1 and diff 1.5. I have been by there twice. The hint says it was magnetic. I searched the gas mechinism and the power reader. I looked at all the metal on the phone poll and then I turn around to the no parking sign and there is this nut "that is off". There it was. I stared at that sign a ton last time I was there. I was trying to figure out what didn't fit in both times. This time I figured it out.