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Monday, February 22, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD - Soggy, Wet, Geocaching Goodness

Hey anybody can go geocaching when it's sunny out...

Yeppers, my feet are soaked, it's absolutely pouring out, I parked in the completely wrong spot and climbed up a 18' high, 30% angle, wet grassy hill (thus finding out I parked in the wrong spot). In other words my normal time out geocaching.

You see it's not a matter of IF it is raining out, rather than HOW MUCH it is raining. Some of your best geocaching can be accomplished in bad weather because there are no muggles around.

Today's Lunchtime Geocache of the Day was a key holder in a gaurd rail. Didn't take long to find it once I zeroed in on ground zero. The bonus for today was not this find...

But this one...

It was behind the gaurd rail and in front of the wooden post. There were no holes or missing bolts two posts either way and just sitting there. In fact I thought it was the geocache at first.

So guess what this is eventually going to turn out to be ;) Muhahahaha!

Here is where I parked looking down at my cachemobile. The actual geocache was about 15' from where I could have parked on the side of the road. Sigh - dry socks are overrated anyways.

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bc104 said...

I've gone caching in the rain on vacation. My family and I went to the beach for a week; it rained all but 1 day. There's only so many days one can sit inside with nothing to do. Once you get wet, you can't get any wetter! I had a good time. The kids, not so much. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

A pink umbrella......???

I love caching in the rain. Muggles don't hinder you.

HeadHardHat said...

That is a very manly red $1 Dollar Store Special you see there ;) Can I help it looks pink on digital film??? LOL hey anything to catch peoples attention.. Thanks for writing in...