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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thank You Miss Geoness

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have a daughter like Amanda (Geoness). Oh sure she is in full blown teen-ager-ism with all it's attitude and gut wrenching emotions that go along with it. Yet we are making it through (mostly).

Geoness has been geocaching with me almost from day one. Being the competative type you can usually see both of us sprinting from the geocache mobile trying to be first with the find. You see the one who finds it, gets to sign it. That's bragging rights between the both of us.

She took to photography rather quickly after she noticed how many photographs I take when out in the wilds. She wanted to learn how it worked and what looked good and not so good, learning from example as she went.

Amanda became the official "camera crew" of GeoSnippits from the very beginning and has been instrumental in making her father look as good as possible when in front of the camera (mostly). When behind the video camera she watches how I act and speak as I go from one scene to the next.

"You slurred on that one dad", she would say in a huff.

"Slow down and breathe".

Take two and on we would continue with the filming or was that take eighteen?.

Whether it was lugging camera equipment up steep hill sides or trying to keep trees from poking out of my head in the background. My Miss Geoness is all aces in my book and I could not imagine doing geocaching without her.

Thanks Amanda!

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bc104 said...

Aww! That's sweet. My kids are 6 and 8. They're no longer wanting to go with me. But they'll put up with it when we're on the road and enjoy it when it's happening, but complain about going. I think you might understand what I mean.