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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HHH Lunchtime GotD: FTF - Almost!

Nothing gets my heart pumping like the prospect of a FTF (a first to find) in the geocaching world.

Well today literally as I was walking out my office door an alert went off of a new geocache and it was only four miles from me. GO FOR IT!

So I hit the gas pedal and took off at lightning, err, posted and safe speeds until I reached my destination. Looked around for about three seconds and found my prize.

Breathlessly I opened the container with the hopes of finding clean sheetz. Ummmmm, no. Somebody beat me to the geocache 19 minutes before me. Curses to you Moncure Bee Dude! It just goes to show you the fervor geocachers can have for FTFs. So I will have to settle with just a smiley for todays Lunchtime Geocache of the Day.
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JJTally said...

I love getting an FTF. To date, we have collected 70 FTF's. There is nothing like a run in the middle of the night, working furiously on puzzles, or your heart practically jumping out of your chest as you get close to the cache site.