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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The FIRST Geocaching TV Show - HeadHardHat's TreasureCache

Yes you read that right...

In September of 2010 there will be a 30 minute television show dedicated to the game, sport, yes obsession of geocaching. I was so pleased to be able to give the announcement of this history making event at this years Cachercon 2010 in Troy, Michigan.

I braved two snow storms, twelve hours of driving and 750 miles to make it to Cachercon. There I had a great time as one of the many geocacher speakers who gave some of our knowledge from within the geocaching world.

After my presentation the announcement was made and I still can hear the hoots and hollers as the main slides introduced the show's name.

HeadHardHat's TreasureCache

It was a moment I will not soon forget. If anything I am so pumped about doing the show my mind is going in a million different directions at once. So what can I tell you at this moment because I know there are a lot of questions out there. The issue is not all of it is allowed to go public just yet so you are just going to have to be patient. I know it's hard for me too.

What I can tell you is this. There will be a show... that's always a good start.

Currently we have some HUGE sponsors contending for the show itself. I can't say who of course but they are the biggest in the geocaching world. As for the network, we have two who are the largest in both prime-time and the cable networks. Won't know which until the smoke settles.

For all our Michigan Magazine fans do not worry. I plan on continuing to have our GeoSnippits on that fantastic show for as long as Barry wants them there. None of this may have happened at all if it was not for MMTV.

So I know this is not a fountain of information but please rest assured that all the information that becomes available will be broadcast to you, either on this blog, Twitter or Facebook so if you are not signed up to us, please do so. There are places to join on the right side of this blog.

More to come soon!


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Lachlan said...

So pleased for you, HHH! Good luck and can't wait to see the show.

~TwoSox Trekkers/zen_devil_duck

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to watch it! So happy for you and that WE were the first to hear about it directly from you :)


Art said...

I hope it is not a reality show.

TripCyclone said...

Congrats on the offer. I hope it does work out. I have my own concerns about the viability of a prime time show. I have one question I hope you can answer (and would help a lot of us wondering probably wondering about that same concern). Is the format planned as:

1. An information show (kind of a teaching about geocaching show with stories mixed in),
2. A show where you travel and meet geocachers, visiting a variety of different caches around the country (and how fun would that be for you).
3. A show where we watch YOU geocache for 30 minutes?

Number 1 would be pretty cool. Number 2 is cool as you could really demonstrate the wide variety of cachers, caches, and locations (much like a travel show but focused on out of the way locations that many shows might miss). Number 1 and 2 combined would be the ideal format.

I dearly hope it isn't number 3. That doesn't sound like a great idea for viewers. 1, and especially 2, could really help to show how awesome geocaching can be and the variety of people who get involved with it. 3 doesn't really do that at all. I'd watch 1 and 2. I wouldn't care to just watch a show that only follows someone else go caching.

So can you answer the basic format that is planned?

Barry said...

This is fantastic news Brother Andy! Been praying for this for a long time! I knew you could do it! Thanks for staying with Michigan Magazine with those Geosnippits...they're great! This is our first "spin off" and we are soooo proud! God bless
Michigan Magazine Television

J. Michael said...

What Trip said!

Chris P said...


HeadHardHat said...

Thanks so much for all the fantastic comments, suggestions and good wishes.

To answer all the format questions which obviously is a concern because we all want a quality representation of our geocaching community. Thanks for voicing them!

Because I cannot give all the details I will hint at a few things until they can be made public. Hopefully that will help calm any concerns.

The main sponsors are the top end leaders in geocaching devices, electronics,clothing genres and more.

Through one of our sponsors we will be going potentially to all 50 states and out of the country. This show will be seen and visited world wide.

We will have available geocachers from around the world, visiting the most interesting and stunning places imaginable. We will have pretty much any gadget, gizmo and thingamabob at our disposal.

It will be a living travel log that gives the best information, tips and techniques from geocachers all over the globe. We will have spots for kids, the experienced and people just starting out.

It is my personal goal to give geocaching the best possible face we can and to inform, delight and entice people of all ages.

The world is our game board and I want to share it as best as we can with TreasureCache.

Hope this helps.

TripCyclone said...

Thanks for your response HHH. From what you are able to provide, that sounds like you have some decent plans in place. From my perspective, I feel a bit less apprehensive about the show. A travelogue like you described, involving meeting geocachers and visiting geocaches around the world, or even just the US, along with device information, tips and tricks, and varying levels of experience is a good way to go.

Good luck with it. Sounds like you are up for the ride of your life.

Yawppy said...

Loved the Geosnips, sure the show will be just as great..Congrats! Look forward to the informative, and entertaining show into the unknown hobby/sport , will be looking for your arrival here in RI!

Now get out there and Go get em'

Christopher said...

HHH I just have one question.

Why is it called "TreasureCache" is there some sort of trademark on the use of the word "Geocaching"?

Would you still call it geocaching in the show or would you have to start calling it treasurecaching?

Just a few thoughts!