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Monday, February 1, 2010

Finally Some Wintertime Geocaching - GeoSnippits Video

Since late last year when the first snow flakes appeared in North America I have been asked by our viewers when GeoSnippits would be coming out with a wintertime geocaching video. Now for Michigan Magazine TV I have been filming in different locations during the winter but there just wasn't any snow. The one time I really wanted to do some caching while it snowed was on a trip coming back from Ohio and I happened to find myself in the Virginian Mountains during a blizzard. Sorry folks but all I wanted to do at that point was get home in one piece. --> My Life Flashed Before My Eyes A Couple Dozen Times.

Time passed and I even planned on taking a road trip up into the West Virginia mountains to do some winter geocaching but was just not able to pull it off. Then it happened, a rare snow storm swept over North Carolina and I had my chance. Now you have to understand that down here we normally get ice storms more than snow and this one was actually a combination of both. We only received about five inches of the white stuff but the ice covered roads shut everything down for three days. When I filmed this GeoSnippits I was only able to get about two miles from my house because they had shut down our main highway.

Anyways i hope you enjoy this GeoSnippits, we had a ball making it. I want to thank Miss Geoness for living through our white knuckle driving session. We witnessed three cars going into the ditch as we went from one geocache to the next. Remember they do not have snow plows in this part of North Carolina...

If you cannot see the viewer above, click here to see the video:

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