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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

HHH's Banner Used For This Month's NCGO Website

Okay, nobody blows their own horn like me. Heck, that's what blogs are for and so I'm a blow'n.

Earlier this week I was on one of my favorite online stopping grounds, the North Carolina Geocaching Organization website. I started going through my usual routine of checking the events, news and the forums when something seemed a bit out of place yet familiar, it was the banner. Earlier in the year I submitted several entries that the good people at NCGO could use for the website. Apparently they must have like this one cuz here it is. You can't see it too clear here but in the bottom right it shows "photo by HeadHardHat". It doesn't take much to entertain me but hey it is always fun to be recognized for something.

You can visit North Carolina's #1 Geocaching website by clicking here http://www.ncgeocachers.org/ or clicking the logo at the bottom of this blog.

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P.J. said...

It's always cool when something you create is used somewhere. Nicely done.

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