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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Keeping It In The Family - Smith Brother's Geocaching

The family that caches together, stays together... Okay well maybe I'm 900 miles away but my spirit sure is with my two brothers who started geocaching recently. Scott and David both live in Michigan with the rest of my family whilst I reside in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Earlier in the year I had a great time taking Scott (shown left with a considerable amount less of grey hairs) caching around the east side of the Great Lake State. There is nothing that brings out the competitive side in us when it is one sibling against another, all in good fun of course. Can we say bragging rights?!? It really was a fun afternoon and he will be becoming a full blown member soon.

Then there is my youngest brother David. Not only did he just get a new GPS but started caching a few weeks back. He and his family are going out and about having a complete blast. David who goes by TurtleExpress liked my blog so much decided to start one up of his own. The title say it all: Geocaching with Turtleexpress. You can see the smiles on my nephew's faces as they proudly show off their finds. Makes me a bit home sick and then I remember that I did not have to shovel once last winter. Plus I can cache here all year round.. Oh well so much for sentament.. They can always come here for a week and play in the back woods and swamps...

Feel Free to check out TurtleExpress's blog here or in my list of blogs on the right side of the page. Click --> Geocaching With TurtleExpress.

Hopefully sometime next year we can all get together for a Geocache Weekend. That mini Flash Mob will be something to see. Hope where ever we go is ready for all three Smith Brother's in one spot. Lord knows other areas are still recovering from past get togethers.

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