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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Your Country Is Very Beautiful Here In New Jersey...

Greetings from the Garden State. I just flew into Newark, NJ late this afternoon and had just enough time to drive to my hotel in Piscataway, check in and grab a few of my first caches in this neck of the world. My first choice was a nice small sized cache about a mile from my hotel. I was so excited to be able to add another state to my list that I just could not wait until tomorrow. So I pulled out my etrex and drove right over. It was quite nice except for the briers nearby. Nice to know that some things do not change no matter where you live. Within a few minutes I spotted a potential hiding spot and sure enough there was the very well labeled cache.

In special tribute I left in the cache a brand new travel bug of mine and a pathtag. Took a couple of photos and put it back in it's well cammied hidey hole.

Before hunger and the eventual night fall took over completely I managed to find two other caches. One was a nice small size cache similar to the one pictured above and one nano. Now the nano was nicely place in a sign and normally would have been a sweet park and grab. In this case though I can't take all the credit for the find. You see I had help, in the form of a very curious doe.

This was so cool. I got out of my car and pretty much knew where the cache was going to be. So as I closed my car door I stopped and heard a sound to my immediate right. There about fifty feet away stood this very cute doe. As usual when I meet wild life I said "hello there" and snapped a couple of fuzzy photos. The sun was already going down and she was just out of range for the flash to do any good. So after taking the photos I walked over to the caching host and started looking around. Sure enough I found a nice little nano. I then took the log book out of the cache and was preceding to sign the last remaining spot. As I did so out of the corner of my eye I could see the deer acting quite curious as to what I was doing and walked right up to me. Now I know deer are all cute and cuddley 'n such on the other hand I have seen videos of them stomping some poor hunter as well. Let's just say I played on the side of caution and did not try to take the opportunistic photo at this time. Instead I talked quite softly to the vexxed venison right up to the point her friend dashed by from out of nowhere. At this point she took one look at me then one look at her friend and they then scampered across the road and into the nearby woods. Quite a fun experience I must say.

Well that is it for today. I am hoping to get in atleast a couple more caches before I leave on Tuesday for Boston, will keep you informed to what I do find.

HeadHardHat signing off from Noo Joi See....


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turtleexpress said...

It's about time you get pictures of someting other than spiders...LOL...Can't wait to hear all about the trip...turtleexpress