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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Taking The Kids To A Geocaching First To Find

This was an extremely rainy wet Saturday afternoon when my BlackBerry went off telling me a geocache just published. I quickly read over the description and found that it was only five miles away. After stopping myself from leaping into my car all by myself I asked my daughter Geoness if she wanted to go for her second FTF.

"Can Maria come?", she asked. This was her neighborhood friend of which they are usually joined at the hip doing "pre-teen" stuff.

"Sure no problem", says I but I warned that Maria needed to ask her parents for permission first.

After a few minutes we all jumped into the geocache-mobile and were off for the 1/1 find.

The cache site was interesting being in a small garden of a Church. It was even more interesting because a Saturday service was in process. I slowly drove to the back of the parking lot without a single muggle in sight. They apparently were all inside which gave us the opportunity to check out the geocache and possibly get the FTF.

Being a 1/1 it was a quick find and the girls quickly went through and traded swag before we put everything back in it's hidey hole. The First To Find was ours.

On the way back I asked if Maria liked her first taste of geocaching and her first words was to ask if we could do some more. That of course was when the gully washer rain started so we will have to postpone for another day.

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