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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hey HHH, Why No LIVE Geocaching World Shows As Of Late?

We're glad you asked.. The reason why there have not been any new LIVE shows of Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) is because the network's Tricaster went belly up right after Geowoodstock IX. The Tricaster is used to switch around multiple cameras, mikes, graphics, etc. as the show is being recorded. It also produces the main output to the Ustream Live Chat Room while we are recording as well. That is how you are able to see us record our shows as we create them.

So basically no Tricaster, no new shows. Hopefully we should have it back in-studio sometime this week. This also means that hopefully we will be back in business for next week's recording at July 25, 2011. Keep your toes crossed for that please.

Thanks for your patience with all this. Believe you, me that we are going just as crazy about not doing the shows as you are. Thanks for your patience anyways. We have some cool prizes coming your way when we do get back to work so keep you eyes on the websites for the latest information.


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