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Friday, July 8, 2011

Behind The Scenes of Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) Geowoodstock IX Editions

Andy McCaskey, HeadHardHat, Dave Dufour
I tell you what. There is nothing like doing a LIVE recording in front of an audience and you couldn't ask for a better group of people than the ones we met at Geowoodstock IX. That's right the RVNN.tv gang packed up our equipment and headed out to Warren, PA for the largest geocaching event of the year. We taped two shows which were #23 and #24 in the Geocaching World roster. Lets go over the highlights.

Show #23 was so much fun. We started out with Dave Dufour and myself welcoming everybody and basically explaining what Geowoodstock was and all the things you can do and see there. Then we had some audience participation. For example we had a lucky contestant come up and try to find the winning log out of an ammo box filled with 35mm containers. Loads of fun with that one. Our special guests for this episode were several members of the Geowoodstock IX committee. They put so much work into this amazing geocaching event that it only seemed appropriate to shine the spotlight on them. In our final segment we had another audience participation  contest with two contestants. It was informative because we talked about a really neat geocache that I made and then we used it for a nano log roll up contest - muhahahahaha! Loads of cool fun you will have to see the episode to appreciate.

Show #24 was a blast as well. We liked the ammo box bit so much we did it again and you will have to see the last seconds of this to believe it. No spoilers today - sorry. Our special guest for this episode was an RVing Geocacher who also was attending Geowoodstock IX. Since Geocaching World and RVNN.tv is such a great combination, this was a perfect interview to show our viewers how geocachers use their RVs to travel the country and enjoy our game, sport and obsession. You don't want to miss this episode either, then again why would you want to miss any of them?

Before we go we want to thank Darrylw4, Firefly03 and TheBadCop for all their contributions and setup of the Media/Podcast building. Managing Director Andy McCaskey did the camera work with help of my daughter Amanda Geoness Smith who also did camera work and assisted us all day long.

We most likely will be airing these particular episodes a bit early so keep an eye out on the RVNN.tv website.

See you back in the studio next week!


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