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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Enjoying My Munzee Madness

These Munzee cards are heading for
Lake Benson County Park
It has only been a week since I found out about MUNZEE. A game similar to geocaching in the sense that you use your smart phone and a Munzee application to hide and/or find Munzee Cards. The word is spreading throughout all of the social networks and it is really taking off. Thanks to Darrylw4 by the way who mentioned on last week's Geocaching Podcast.

Basically all you have to do is go to the Munzee website - www.munzee.com and get yourself registered. If you have a compatible smart phone either Android or iOS download the Munzee App. *Note your phone must have an auto-focus type camera otherwise your App will not install. 

Whether you are hiding a Munzee card of finding one you will use your Munzee app. On each Munzee card is a QR code. Those square bar code like graphics which contains information for only that Munzee card. 

If hiding, you scan the Munzee card via the app which utilizes your camera and some QR scanning software to register exactly where you scan the card. The GPS in your phone also is used to mark the spot and all is sent to the main Munzee website. Do a successful hide and you get points for your efforts.

If finding, you bring up the closest Munzee hides via your app. Select your choice and use the map to get you to where the Munzee card is hidden. Note the map is crude, don't look for any big bells and whistles right now but you can zoom in close enough to make a good guess of ground zero. When you find the Munzee card again use your phone app and scan the QR code on the card. When you successfully scan your find you get points.

You can hide Munzee cards any way that you wish. In containers like geocaches, laminate them or print via laser printer, basically any way you think the QC code can stay dry and protected works. 

I don't think that the game of Munzee will replace geocaching but it is a fun adaptation to it. I would think that Munzee cards would be much more accepted in high muggle areas than a traditional geocache would. In my humble opinion people are much less likely to yell "bomb" with a card held by a magnet. Common sense and permission with any hide though is always a key thing to have.

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dnielson said...

I went to place one and it came out 1000 to 1500 feet away. There is no ability to correct that. So I think i may have to give it a thumbs down. At the moment anyway.

Anonymous said...

Before you deploy one, check your GPS status to see what your accuracy is. That helps get it right on the money the first. If it isn't however, no big deal! Just login to their website and click on your deployed munzees. You can tweak the location of the pin on the map by dragging it around and saving it.