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Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Geocaching: Don't Be Struck Down By The Heat

I don't know about you but in North America we are in the Dog Days of Summer. Yep, there actually is such a thing and for the Northern Hemisphere they usually run early July to early September. For the Southern Hemisphere it usually is January through early March -thank you Wiki. Either way you don't have to look it up on the Internet to know that it's frick'n hot out.  Yeah I know depending on what region you actually reside in there are variances but for most we are sizzling.

So it is only right that I put out some helpful suggestions for geocaching in the heat. When it comes to survival mode we unusually are more safety concerned in the cold temps but let me tell you, the heat can be just as bad.
I personally think we do not feel as concerned this time of year. The sun is shining, birds are singing and we are feeling the need to geocache. So grabbing a baseball cap and your GPSr is all you need right? WRONG!

Here is what you really need to keep in mind and get your supplies in order before going out geocaching during summer time.

Heat Exposure - Basically that is when your body gets so warm it can't handle it and you shut down. Think of it as your whole body going over 106 temp and then grinds to a halt. Over 6000 people every year get this and you can die from it. Watch when you are exerting yourself outside in the heat. Take rests, find shade and DRINK WATER.

Dehydration - Lets face it, when we are geocaching we are constantly moving. In the heat we can loose oodles of our precious fluids and quite frankly we need them if we don't want to get all the symptoms that come with dehydration. Keep drinking water when geocaching but especially when you are in the summer heat. You would be surprised how much you lose and how quickly. Always hydrate, and that includes your geocaching pets!

GeoSnacks - Yeah it may not be the top of your list but you always want to keep non-melt-able food stuffs with you while geocaching. Keeping your energy level high keeps your body in a better condition to fight off the draining and straining effects the heat can bring on a geocacher.

Lighting Strikes - During the summer thunderstorms can pop up out of nowhere. Many times right where you are geocaching. What many people do not realize is that a lightning strike can happen tens of miles from the nearest cloud and without warning. Always keep an eye on the sky when geocaching. If you hear thunder you are in range of a strike. Find shelter.

Spiders, Snakes and other Critters - When it gets hot out critters like to go where they can cool off. Just like we like to do. The issue is many times geocaches are hidden in those nice little nooks and crannies where the critters are. Always follow HeadHardHat's Number One Rule of Geocaching - Poke It With A Stick! Never reach your hand into a place that you cannot see everything that is around it. Use an inspection mirror to be absolutely sure nothing is in there that will cause you harm.

Well that is the short and dirty list. If you have more suggestions please send them in and we will make an official summer heat geocaching list.

Be safe out there cachers!


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