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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Several Unsung Heroes of GeoWoodstock IX

Andy McCaskey of RVNN.tv watching TheBadCop and Darrylw4
doing setup.
I'm absolutely sure that there were dozens of unsung heroes that helped make GeoWoodstock IX the Geocaching event that it was. I personally can't vouch for those out of the sphere of my influence but I sure can make sure that the people I did observe get some of the credit they are due. In my humble opinion the spotlight should be firmly fixed on my good friends Darryl Wattenberg a.k.a. Darrylw4, Drei a.k.a. Firefly03 and Chris Umphenour a.k.a TheBadCop and this is why.

At GeoWoodstock IX there was for the first time ever a media / podcast building dedicated for the recording and presentation of live shows. We had the Cache-a-maniacs Podcast, two episodes of Geocaching World (RVNN.tv), Geocaching Podcast, Caching in the Northwest Podcast and Cachers of the Round Table Podcast. That would be six live shows to essentially produce and record. Where did all the equipment come from? Look no further than Darrylw4 who brought pretty much his own personal studio and what ever else he needed was rented, borrowed and or appropriated. Then the equipment had to be moved from Michigan to GeoWoodstock IX in a rented van. Did I also mention that Darrylw4 paid most if not all of the expenses for the equipment? That was just the beginning. At 7:00am EST we were on site unloading the equipment and setting it up. Now that is where the spotlight also shows Drie and TheBadCop. All the equipment unloaded, setup and then tested before the shows started at 11am. Did I mention that we didn't have actual electricity to the building till 10? We also were supposed to have WIFI for the day but don't get me started there. This is not the place but Darryl had that as part of the show specs and was ready to go for that too. If it was actually provided. I digress.

Another view of the setup before the shows

We had six or seven mike and headset setups all working independently, full speaker systems, a sound board the size of Cleveland, PCs and a slew of other equipment all used for the day. This doesn't even include the video cameras and wireless mike systems, on and on.

Then once the shows were done they had to take everything down, pack it and get it back to Michigan. Wow!

So in my opinion, Darrylw4, Firefly03 and TheBadCop deserve some recognition and a good ole pat on the back with thanks for all their great efforts. GeoWoodstock IX would not have been the same without them being there. From all of us who enjoyed the shows, Thanks Guys!


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