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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching Podcast - #214: Munzee

You can tell that you have a really good subject to discuss when doing a podcast. Especially when you run a good 10 to 15 minutes over your standard show time then an additional hour of discussion between the show guests and the chat room audience. Thus was our Geocaching Podcast episode last night when we talked with Josh aka "Wanderer" and Scott aka "Coolant" who are some of the creators of Munzee.

What is Munzee you ask?

The skinnied down explanations describes Munzee as a geocaching-like game in which Munzee players place Munzee cards that contain a QR Code on the front of it. A smart phone like Iphone or Android scan the QR Code and mark it in place via the smart phone GPS. Munzee finders use a map on the smart phone to search for the hidden Munzee cards and then scan the QR Code as proof of the find itself. You are awarded points for hiding, finding and when someone finds your Munzee placements.

Here is a recent post explaining Munzee in more detail if you would like to see:

At any rate Darrylw4 and myself had a lot of fun talking about this new activity with creators Josh and Scott. Mainly because we both had been actively doing Munzee placements ever since we found out about Munzee. Darrylw4 in Michigan had put out a goodly amount while I placed about 20 so far in North Carolina.

Munzee has really taken off and the discussions both good, bad and greatly creative can be seen on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and most other social networks. It was really cool being able to discuss many of those key points right there with the guys who created it.

Interested in Munzee? To get all the details you will just have to download the show and give it a listen. There I believe you will find that Munzee is not going to be a replacement for geocaching. It will though be a really great compliment to it. I personally believe that Munzee will find it's own niche in the electronic explore and find arena . Who knows what innovated ideas that will come from this.

Just a quick note that XpunkX was not with us for last nights show. We missed him not being there and look forward to him being back again next week for our Cacher Coffee episode.

You can participate in the Geocaching Podcast chat room every Wednesday at 9:30pm EST when we record the show live. Go to http://www.geocachingpodcast.com for all the show information and details.

Here is the actual show you can listen to right now!


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The Hekawi Tribe said...

Yeah I was listening to the podcast last night and was very supprised how long it went on for, I had to go after an hour but it was a very good show about Munzee. I only placed 8 Munzees so far and 5 got captured the other day :-)
It has been a slow start around here (CT) but it seems like this game is picking up.
Looking foward to the next podcast.


arshad said...

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Cegonsoft said...

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