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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

GeoWoodstock IX: Three Days, Six Shows, 1300+ Miles, a Handful of Geocaches - Part One

A small part of the registration line Friday night.
It is now two days after my return from GeoWoodstock IX and I am just now starting to get my head wrapped around everything that happened over the Fourth of July weekend.

It started with an eleven hour road trip from Raleigh, NC to Franklin, PA.. We had zero time for Geocaching, though we did go for a couple. The issue was always time. Had to make it to the hotel in time to meet-up with Andy McCaskey and Dave Dufour from RVNN.tv. Which if everything worked out as planned would allow us less than an hour to get our rooms and then travel an hour to the evenings' first Woodstock IX meet and greet event. Don't ask me how but we both arrived at the hotel minutes from each other.  Keep in mind that they came from Elkhart, Indiana. For me personally was very cool because this was the first time I physically met the guys even though we have been working on Geocaching World for months now. It was not long after the introductions that we piled into the van and headed for the meet and greet.

Believe it or not with all the time I spent at GeoWoodstock IX it was the meet and greet where I had the most freedom to do things. There we went though the registration process and even though there were thousands of geocachers there it really did not take that long to get through. A nicety I would like to mention is that even though Andy and Dave were not registered due to the timing of them coming. We were able to get them each a name tag because they are part of the show. To the committee I say thank you.

After getting Geoness's and my preordered goodie bags it was time to check out the vendors. Even though not all of them were there yet we had a blast meeting up with as many as possible. There were many new Geocaching items that caught my eye with the big focus being on proxies. I personally have a huge pet peeve with many proxies in general. I am sorry but a photo copy, drawing or just plain text in laminate  is not a good representation of a Geocoin. Yet these are so much more than any other proxy I have seen before. These are geocoins in their own right that just happen to represent the original. Many are laser etched with awesome art work and a great size and feel to them. These I would move from geocache to geocache with no problem.

One of my favorite times with a vendor Beverly at GxProxy (http://www.gxproxy.com/ ). Let me tell you she is a spitfire of energy and not only handled many of the customers with their purchases but also did an absolutely great job being interviewed by me at the same time. Let me tell you more about this amazing Lady and the company she runs.
To Be Continued Tomorrow...

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