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Friday, August 19, 2011

Competition Is A Good Thing: OpenCaching.com Shows New Enhancements

OpenCaching.com today announced a series of new enhancements. Check it out!

Verified Finds and a Bigger Map

August 18, 2011

We've made it our goal to constantly innovate and make geocaching more accessible and fun for everyone. Today we're rolling out several enhancements on OpenCaching.com in conjunction with new firmware updates for Garmin handhelds that we think you'll want to check out.

Fill your monitor with geocaches!
You asked,we listened. We've improved OpenCaching.com's map to fill your whole screen (no matter how big) and show each geocache's type right on the map. Don't forget to click on "Full Screen" in the upper right corner of the map for the biggest map possible. Downloading caches and saving your favorite searches from the map has never been easier either.

Your own personal OpenCaching.com.
We've added a new drop-down menu just for you. Hover over your name in the upper right corner of the website to see your favorite searches and recent logged finds of your caches, and pending logs from your GPS ready to be sent to OpenCaching.com.

Rate Your Geocache Experience in the Field.
Before your next geocaching adventure, be sure to get the latest firmware your Garmin handheld, as recent updates to Montana, 62, Oregon, and Dakota devices now allow you to rate your geocache experience in the field and have these rating uploaded seamlessly with your pending logs.

Get your find digitally signed!
Prove you found a cache like never before with our new Verified Finds digital signature technology. Caches can be set up for verification by code phrase, QR code, or chirp™. Select Garmin handhelds (after a simple firmware update) will digitally sign your log when you are in the cache's proximity. On OpenCaching.com, your log will receive a "Verified Found" stamp. To learn more about this cool new feature and how to setup verification for your caches, check our the latest TrailTech blog post.

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