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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Echo Six Charlie: Geocache In Space - August 24th Deadline!

This shot was taken from Sputnik 2010 in December, 2010
I had originally found out about the Sputnik 2010 back in June, 2011 when attending my first Dirtbag Geocaching Society event. There I learned how in December of 2010 e6c (Echo Six Charlie) lead a team of geocachers who sent a geocache into 'near space' with a weather ballon. Then managed to retrieve it over 100 miles away after it came back to earth.

Well Scott (e6c) is attempting to do it again and this time going higher and farther than the first.

Here's the kicker. He needs $1000.00usd to accomplish this and it has to be done before August 24th this year. This means from the date of this post he only has two weeks to do it. Now as of this post he has already collected about $800 dollars and only needs about $200 more. So if you want to be a part of history and help put another geocache in space, now is the time.

Below is a link to an article from the It's Not About The Numbers blog giving all the details and even a video explaining everything and how you can help.

I personally have discussed with Scott that when this goes up I will be there with my cameras to help record the event. So be sure to send in your contributions and stay tuned. I will let you know all the whens and wherefores as the information becomes available.


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