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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) Episodes #27 Eric From Groundspeak #28 Placing Your First Geocache Part 2

I find myself smiling once again when typing down the behind the scenes RVNN.tv goodness and thinking back about all the things that goes on when we record Geocaching World. We did two shows and had one heck of a fun session. The only bummer for the whole night was Producer Courtney Wallin was not there due to her not feeling well. We missed her A LOT and in fact many GW viewers sent Courtney emails of get well wishes. Our viewers are the best. Some how though we did manage to get through the evening. Did I mention we missed Courtney? Managing Director Andy McCaskey had his hands full while we recorded the shows as he filled in for Courtney and did all the things a Managing Director does. Mostly it's to wrangle Dave and I when we get off on one of our tracks. Like say for example as we break out in quotes from The Three Stooges. What can I say we do have fun.

Some very cool things of note that happened during the show. We had viewers in the chat room last night from New Zealand , Prague of the Czeck Republic and Canada! Not to mention all across the USofA. That is so great and we really appreciate you all being there.

Anywho, Our first show we had as our guest Eric Shudiske from Groundspeak via Skype. We talked about everything from the new geocache type known as Challenges and what they are. Then the discussion turned to Eric's trip with the Groundspeak film crew as they explored and filmed geocaching in Germany and the Czeck Republic. There was a whole lot more and we will save it for you to enjoy when you actually see the released show. Needless to say it was a great show and the chat-room agreed.

Our second show we still had a packed chat-room and Creative Director Dave Dufour and I talked more about what you should know about placing your first geocache. It was sort of a continuance from a show we did last week. We had so much material to cover and it was important to get it all so when a geocacher does place a hide, they are well prepared.  

Finally after both shows were complete we did Monday's edition of RVNN LIVE which is a daily collection of everything that happens at the RVNN.tv studios. So even after four hours worth of taping we still had a good crowd going in the Chat-Room. It is a lot of fun watching how the shows are made and all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on. I like watching it too!

Geocaching World Cache Stash Prizes
Here are the prizes that were given away during the recording of the two shows.
#27 - Geocoin from Cache-a-Maniacs Podcast
       - Bison Tube from GxProxy.com

#28 - RVNN.tv Patch from RVNN.tv
       - Lanyard from GeoSurvivalGear.com

If you would like to donate prizes to the Geocaching World Cache Stash and get your product and business mentioned on the show. Contact me Andy HeadHardHat Smith at geocache@rvnn.tv. We are interested in any items related in some way to geocaching. It is greatly appreciated and beneficial to you as well.

Special Note: The new fall schedule starts next week and we are moving the LIVE recordings to THURSDAYs at 6:30pm EST. Be sure to mark the new day on your calendars starting 8/25/2011.

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