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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching Podcast - #217 - Underground Geocaching

Tonight's episode of the Geocaching Podcast was one of those ones where you can just close your eyes and imagine geocaching in underground tunnels and what if must be like actually doing that.

Now for me personally I have done a few tunnel hides and they to be frank were tame in comparison to what fellow geocachers and guests Freekacher and Blaze132 have done. Some of the water drain tunnels they have followed were over half a mile underground. Gets me all Indiana Jones just thinking about it. This is definitely not for everyone. In fact, they are the first ones to tell you that if you feel uncomfortable in any way - Don't Do It!

We had a lot of great discussion. Both XpunkX and Darrylw4 seemed just as enthralled in their tales of adventure as myself. The very cool thing is both Freekacher and Blaze132 live just southwest of me and invited me to join them on some they will be doing very soon. Let's just say that I am now very pumped and will be getting some great video of our explorations for you all to enjoy. Either that or you will be seeing a grown man in the fetal position crying for his mommy. Either way great video.

So be sure to catch this weeks edition of the Geocaching Podcast and hear all the really cool subterranean things Freekacher and Blaze132 have gone through. Plus, some of the things you will need to consider if you want to venture out while doing underground geocaching for yourself.


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Here is the actual episode for your enjoyment:

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