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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time To Register and Get Your Geocoinfest U.S. 2011 On

If you are a geocacher like me you are attracted to a particular type of geocaching traveler known as "geocoins". Geocoins are large in size at about 3" on average. Usually metallic so they have a really nice weight to them and for many they bring the pirate out of us every time we find one in a geocache or at an event. Arrrrr, it brings the "shiny treasure" aspect into geocaching.  So since geocoins found in the wild are owned by someone else but you want to start up a collection for yourself, what do you do?

You can purchase them online OR you can come to the largest geocoin event in the US. This year that would be GC2G6QR - Geocoinfest U.S. 2011 which will be held in Rock Hill, SC just south of Charlotte, NC. This event runs from October 14th through October 16th.

In geocaching terms this is going to be a Mega event which means there are going to be a whole lot of people there. Registration for this amazing Geocoinfest just opened so be sure and get yourself registered a.s.a.p.. You can go here to find out everything for the event and register: http://www.geocoinfestus2011.com/

When you are done registering be sure to check out all the other things that will be going on via their weekend schedule. Also check out the website store and take a gander at some of the booty you can get your hands on.

I plan on attending the event by doing interviews and other stuff for both Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) and GeoSnippits so be sure to stop by my booth area and say hi!

This is going to be a whole lot of fun and you can fill up your geocoin collection by meeting a whole lot of fellow geocachers.

CYA There!


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