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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) - Episode #26: Placing Your First Geocache

Wow, all I can say about last night's live recording of Geocaching World is wow. It was a night of experimentation, really cool prize give-a-ways and all around good times.

I personally started early when Creative Director Dave Dufour asked me if I wanted to be a part of the days episode of RVNN Live. Since I had already my equipment like lighting, sound and computer systems in place it was a no brainer. There Managing Director Andy McCaskey, Dave and myself talked about all things RV for about 45 minutes or so. We always have such a good time just talking the time flys by.

Next thing I knew Producer Courtney Wallin was getting things ready for our recording of Geocaching World. During this time I am busy getting the word out to all of my Google+, Twitter and Facebook fans that the show is about to begin recording. Then I get all my show notes in order via my Ipad2 and netbook which I monitor the chat room during the show. Finally on my main computer I get my Skype hookup in place and any other props or items I may want to show during the taping. It is an unusual balance of controlled chaos but we have been doing this for a while and I am used to it.

Tonight was a bit different for a couple of reasons. One, we all really wanted to see if we could work in a Google+ Hangout. This is a conference type of application where you can have up to ten people video chatting at the same time. Long story short. Going to take some more testing and tweaking. Skype and Google+ do not play together well, but we will keep at it.

The second reason the show was a bit different was we were giving away a couple of really nice prizes only to the people who were in the chat room during the taping. The prizes included a very cool key-chain donated from GeoSurvivalGear.com and the second was an actual Cache-A-Maniacs Geocoin. We will be posting more about our GW Cache Stash sponsorship program in an upcoming post. So more later.

The show itself went great. we had Pingvoyager from North Carolina on in the first segment talking about his and his friend Luckysgirls's night time geocaching adventure via kayak. We had a little problem with some delay issues but overall a great discussion.

Segments two and three Dave and I talked about many of the things you need to consider if placing a geocache. We had so much content that this is going to come up again in a future episode. The whole point to it was to get Dave enough information to place his first geocache correctly. More information about that in the show.

So with the record crowds in the chat-room, all the great discussions with the viewers and with each other the night was a complete success and a whole lot of fun. RVNN.tv gave out five stickers to the chat-room and so there were a whole lot of happy people. We hope you can attend our next recording and join in the fun.

Scheduled for our next recording will be Monday, August 15th. We plan on doing two shows starting at 6:30pm EST. Our planned special guest will be Eric Schudiske from Groundspeak.

Cya there!


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