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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Need A Little More Stable Platform When Taking That Outdoor Shot? Try The Targus

HeadHardHat Likes Using A Monopod When Shooting Video
When geocaching there are many different types of gadgets and gizmos we use every time we go out. I'm not talking in this case the smart phones, GPSrs, PDAs, tablets, etc. No in this case I am talking about our love of photography. Taking shots of our favorite hides or points of interest around a geocache hide is almost as much fun as the actual find itself. Geocachers will say time and time again how many times they would have never visited or experienced a visual site if not for going for that particular geocache.

So when you want to get that nice crisp shot what do you need? Sure for many and depending on how much you are into photography there are all sorts of cameras and tripods. All of which have their purpose but you are looking for something that is low cost and you don't have to lug everywhere.  Ever consider a Monopod?

There are many times when I am attending geocaching events or out looking for geocaches and have my digital camera or small camcorder. We have all seen the difference when taking a photo or video and you are hand holding the camera yourself compared to when it is up on a tripod. Especially when doing video.

A really nice compromise you might want to consider is the lightness and functionality of a monopod. A monopod is just like having a walking stick around. Except you can attach your camera to the top of it. It is a single pole that can be adjusted to all lengths from almost 21 inches to up to 67 or more. The beauty of it is it gives you a solid base for your camera which keeps it steady. You can pan or swipe easily and not jiggle as you do so. I have also found it very useful to have that extra reach above you when you are in a crowd or trying to catch a shot higher up. Did I mention it is not a bad hiking stick as well?

Now there are all types of monopods out there from the inexpensive and up. The one that I just recently tried out was the Targus TG-MP6710 Maximum Extension 67-Inch Monopod. It cost me a whopping $15.00USD and I was pleased with how well it was built. In fact the only complaint I had was the wrist strap was too small so I replaced it with a better one. Other than that it was a great choice.
Monopod with my FS11 on top
One final note for this particular monopod. This piece of equipment is super light when carrying. It folds up to about 21 inches and can go anywhere. So if you are looking for an inexpensive way of taking more stable shots whether it is a photo or video. I highly recommend you check this piece of equipment out.

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