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Monday, August 22, 2011

International Geocaching Day and Munzees for Benson Lake Park

Had some fun this weekend. Went out on Saturday August 20th which was the official International Geocaching Day. Even though I did not have a whole lot of time I did manage to get a  few geocaches under my belt. Not sure if there is a souvenir or not but it would be cool to get one if so.

The larger effort for the weekend was the placement of 10 Munzees at a nearby county park. They are spread over a 2.2 miles set of trail for which the finders will see how beautiful and scenic this park actually is. Now I know if you count up the number of Munzees on the map it only shows 9. This is what frustrates me a tad. I know I scanned and put in 10 Munzees. The app showed that I put in 10. It only wasn't until I reverified that evening on my PC that it only showed 9. So what up? Not sure really but it was double points weekend and maybe the servers were a bit on the taxed side. Either way I have to go back and rescan it back in. The cool thing is there is another park on the opposite side of the road that I will be putting some Munzees in there as well.

All in all, very cool.


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