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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh Look Another FTF - I Just Love Them

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to find four FTFs (First To Finds). Quite an experience for me and I enjoyed the challenge and anticipation of signing the clean log sheets. Today I was told that a fifth geocache was published later in the day near the ones I had found. I was surprised that at a day later no one had yet taken claim. Well I could not stand for that - to the geocache-mobile!

Sliding down the geo-pole and then forcing a 300+ pound man into skin tight spandex (now isn't that an image) I was off like a herd of turtles. This geocache was about half a mile from where you park and just on the edge of a large and popular lake. Even with the sun setting and behind the clouds I was confident to make the quick hike, find the geocache, sign the log, put all the swag back into the geocache, put the log in the little baggie it came in, put the baggie with the log into the geocach and close the lid... Oh and put the geocache back where it was and still get home for dinner. Visions of cold fish and broccoli still fresh in my mind and a sore back from yesterday.. But I digress.

The hike went quick but the wind had picked up as it blew through the tall pines. I could see the lake in the distance as I walked down the deserted street and the terrain suddenly turned very swampy. Not that suffocating feeling you get in a thick swamp but the creep factor was definitely there. Yesterday the sun was out and the sky was full of frolicking birds and prancing white tale deer. Today all you heard was the wind and the creaking of the trees. Because the area was muddy and wet with laying water everywhere you just know that there were some good creepy crawlies around so I took extra care as I closed in on the geocache. It was hidden as directed in the description and I made short work of the log and replacement of the cache. Took some cool photos of the lake and surrounding areas and it was back to the car I went.

Just as I was entering the last leg of the hike the sun came out for just a moment casting my robust shadow before me. I really must get to the gym more often.. The morale of the story? Well there isn't one. I drove home after finding my car where I left it which is always a good thing and I had home made fajitas for dinner and watched Dirty Jobs. I still think I will end up on the couch but that is because of the potential tick factor. Now where are my aspirins???
Oh and I do love finding FTFs. It brings out the really competitive side of me. The End.


Carole said...

There is just nothing like an FTF, is there? :-D Gotta love it, kudos to you!

Erika Jean said...

man u are good!