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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD - Found. One Cache-A-Maniacs Log Book

Something seemed very familiar about todays Lunchtime Geocache of the Day. I couldn't put my finger on it.. Wait, actually I could. I noticed the log book cover for the geocache was an Official Cache-A-Maniacs original. I thought this rather cool because I know that Darryl(Darrylw4) and Drei(Firefly03) live in my home state of Michigan. So either this little log book couldn't take the Michigan winters any more or someone down here was interviewed. Either way it was really interesting in how the people who do things like geocaching based podcasts really get their names spread around. Darryl is a great example of these individuals. If there is a hardest working person in geocaching Darryl has got to be it.

Not only does he run multiple geocaching based podcasts like the Cache-A-Maniacs, Geocaching Podcast and Cachers of the Round Table but he can be heard on the Podcacher Podcast and seen on IceNRye's Videozine among other things.

He has helped me a bunch of times for various events and is officially going to be a technical advisor for my TreasureCache TV show. Shhh, don't tell him yet but the adoption papers are in the works.

Anyways the geocaching community is a very diverse and expanding network of really cool people and I really love seeing the word spread about the ones that constantly help to make geocaching better - like Darryl.

If you want to learn more about Darryl, Drei and the Cache-A-Maniacs. Check out our GeoSnippits video where we did an interview with them last year...

Well now it's time for a quick lunch before getting back to work..

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