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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD - Just Love Walking In The Woods After It Rains

I don't know what it is about walking in the woods after it rains but I just love it. Sure your footwear gets a little moist but hey when does it not when you go geocaching anyways. Naw ever since I was a kid you could find me stomping through wooded areas enjoying the sights, smells and encompassing sounds that are provided.

Today's Geocache of the Day brought back some of those memories as I guided myself about a tenth of a mile in some rather dense woodlands. Throw in the spring time barbs and a bit of swampiness and you are in for a quick adventure. No critters to speak of in this area today. Not even the birds were out yet come to think of it. Just peaceful splendor for me to enjoy.

The geocache itself was in a unique container and the owner was even kind enough to tell you to bring along your tweezers just in case. I always have mine with me but hey that is some good advice anytime.

The find was quick even though it was in a more dense section of the woods. The geocache itself was out of it's hiding spot so after I signed the log I put it back in a rather well noted hidey hole.

Ahh, well time to get back to work.. The smell of the woods is still on my clothes... Luvin It.

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