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Thursday, April 1, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD: I'm Not Going Back To Work

I'm sorry the moment I stepped outside of my office I knew. That deep blue sky, the 83 degree spring time warmth hitting my face. Nope, not going back to work today.

Oh and the lunchtime geocache of the day was a bison tube in a tree stump.

Now back to that primal involuntary need to break into song. I swear I have that picture in my mind of Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music and I'm that close to tearing down the drapes.

Grill, I need to grill brats with that dark mustard and a really cold libation. Then I absolutely have to...

We interrupt this posting due to HeadHardHat coming down with severe spring fever. We will now bring you "As The Geocache Turns" already in progress....

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1 comment:

H5 said...

Good one! Funny read! Thanks for the LOL!