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Thursday, April 15, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD - Rescue Me

Every once in a while you come across a geocache that is in desperate need of assistance. In the case of this lunchtime geocache the lid was partially off and moisture was free to roam. Sure you can sign the log (if you can) or you can do the right thing and clean it up if you can. I chose the latter.

The log book was in pretty good shape thanks to the bag it was in but the rest was in bad shape. So I took the container back to my car and dried then cleaned it out including the bugs that were living inside. Next the swag from inside was also cleaned or replaced with new. I tossed in a new first aid kit and it was ready to go.

So why do it? It's not my geocache. The answer is because of the love of the game and keeping the overall quality a tad higher for the effort. I have had other geocachers replace or repair my geocaches in the past so it is only right to do for others as well. Besides, who wants to open a container of goo?

I see a cheese burger in my near future. Time to get some.
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Catguam said...

I so agree with you. Helping clean up the cache is what I would have done. I have replaced zip lock bags because they are ripped and the log got wet. I try to salvage the logs by drying them on my cars defroster. I also add new sheets of logs in the cache. I don't have a cache of my own but when I do put one out there I hope other people will do the same for my cache.If I don't have supplies to help clean or fix up the cache I let the owner know that the cache needs repair.