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Monday, April 12, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD - Micro Madness - How Long is Your Fun Factor?

Micros, either you love them, hate them or love to hate them. Any way you slice it they are out there and there are a whole bunch of them to find. For me finding a micro as being a pleasant experience depends on the placement. Put a nano in a clever spot and I will spend an hour or more looking for it. Put a bison tube in a holly bush, grape vine or a wooded area where there are 10,000 hiding possibilities and I give it 20 minutes before I am out the door. If you are going to at least put it in a spot with a zillion hiding places don't set my expectations and say it is a 1.5. If you put a 3 for the difficulty at least I realize that before I get into it.

So my question to you is, how do you feel about micros and what would you like to see done differently if anything? I would be curious to your thoughts.

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Lachlan said...

I don't hate them, but I feel as you do- RATE THEM ACCURATELY, and if possible put it in an interesting place.

~TwoSox Trekkers

Anonymous said...

I like them, especially on a road trip - where I'm not going to have to go too far into the woods and off my route to find a cache. A micro is good when you don't have time to deal with swag, or want to boost your numbers ;-)

Like everyone else - I enjoy a good hide with creativity put into it... but I'm sure someone out there likes the lame ones. It seems there is something out there for everyone.

Binary said...

Living in the middle of a city in England, pretty much all the caches in my area are micros (35mm film canisters seem to be the usual suspects).

Being very new to caching with only some 25 under my belt so far, I am finding it very frustrating trying to find these little caches. It's even more annoying that they're hidden in high-traffic zones, with plenty of people walking past.

Poking around in holes in the middle of town gets some strange looks!

HeadHardHat said...

I feel for you Binary, wait till you get to the bison tubes and nanos... What ever hair you have left will either turn white or just plain fall out :)

All part of the fun and with a lot of muggles around also part of the challenge.

Have fun with it. I wish I can say it comes easier but in some cases... it doesn't..