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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching World (RVNN) - Dave's First Time and Geocaching Travelers

Geocaching World is seen each week on RVNN.tv 
(Late edition this week, written Friday 5/13 -HHH)

Wow I am beat. Last night while recording I was hoping that we could do it again and meet or beat the record amount of viewers that showed up like they did last week. Much to everybody's delight we did and then some. Yeppers, I personally want to thank everyone who showed up to Thursday's LIVE recording of Geocaching World.  It was really amazing. Andrew McCaskey the Managing Director for RVNN.tv kept holding up signs that I could read during the recording which showed as the number of viewers grew and grew and grew... Way too cool.

Then Courtney Wallins who is the producer for Geocaching World had a blast chatting with everyone who joined the Ustream chat room. We received tons of great comments, questions and requests for future shows. Dave Dufour who is the Creative Director was doing a great job plugging for the upcoming Roadcast Reporters which we are going to need and a lot of viewers wanted in on that.

Just to give you an idea how much fun we had, the initial setup for recording Geocaching World started about 6:15pm EST. That is usually when everybody does the last minute setup in the studio, I get called in via Skype and we do a lot of pre show conversation. We tape two shows a night which includes three segments per show. The funny part about our tapings is that we actually talk more about geocaching in between the sets then we do during the actual show. We get a whole lot of interaction with the folks in the live chat room. There you can ask questions, give comments and suggestions and just plain be a part of the show. During taping we do mention what is going on in the chat room and that keeps us all pumped up. After the tapings of both shows had completed we had so many people watching and in the chat room we decided to stick around and talk even more. I don't think we finished up till after 10pm. Had such a great time with everybody and we encourage everyone to come back again each week.

Again thanks to everyone who joined us and we hope to see you each and every time we record. The shows not the same without you. In case you didn't know we usually record two shows a week. Check my blog or RVNN.tv for details on exactly when. It does change around from time to time.

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