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Monday, May 9, 2011

HHH's Geocache of the Day: A Walk in the Park

In my humble opinion, there is nothing quite like taking a few moments to appreciate a local park. There are so many varieties and geocaching is one of the ways we can find out where they are. We have heard it before when a geocacher exclaims that they would never have known that a particular point of interest existed unless it was for geocaching and in my own personal experience have found it also to be the case. There are tons of neighborhood parks that I would have never known was there without it being for a treasure chest on a map and once found it very difficult to bring myself leaving them.

I am not sure which ones I like more. There are the large parks with all their amazing trails of which to explore or is it the quaint parks that are just big enough for a bench and some well placed landscaping? I found one not too long ago which had apparently been there for quite some time and was so lush with ivy it almost felt like you where in some sort of oasis from another land. It had a feel and smell to it that is hard to explain and you were compelled to just sit there for a few moments and just soak in the tranquility. A real change for those of us who are so often never taking time to smell the roses.

Today's Geocache of the Day I found myself in one of the larger parks that not only had some nice trails but some really sweet baseball fields. The geocache was hidden a few hundred feet from one of these fields and I was surprised by how many softballs in the nearby woods that were never collected. Ah well, time for a quick lunch and back to the grind.

-Until the next geocaching adventure...


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