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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HHH's Geocache of the Day: Sometimes You Have To Sits And Thinks

Bison Style Pill Container Hung In Grate
Today's Geocache of the Day was during the evening hours instead of my normal lunchtime fun. It was a relatively easy geocache but the situation depended on some tact and patience. The hide itself was well in the open and very close to a highly muggle prown area. Because of the timing of this particular find there seemed to be quite a few. So instead of leaving I did the next best thing. I sat down and waited. Most of the muggles quickly dispersed except for one minivan. They just sat there and sat and sat. So of course I countered with my 'fake' talking on my cellphone. It was a glorious conversation based semi on a recent incident and actually went on for several minutes. It must have been pretty good because they eventually gave up waiting and left. After that it was a very quick find. Especially since I was looking directly at the geocache the entire time.
So there you have it. Muggles are everywhere and if you want that smiley it will take a bit of patience to make the find. Doing simple things like talking on your phone or other activities can get you the prize.
Until tomorrow's next geocaching adventure.

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