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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) on Blubrry on Roku

Just in case you haven't heard. I am hosting a brand new Internet TV show called Geocaching World. It is on the RVNN.tv Network which is also known as the RVNewsNet. We have been recording two shows a week for the past month. It has been a complete riot because we record LIVE. That's right, on Monday nights around 6:30pm EST and if you log into RVNN Live you can not only watch us with all our behind the scene glory but you can also log into our chartroom and interact with us while we are doing the shows. How cool is that?

All the episodes we tape will eventually be available on RVNN.tv, ITunes and a host of other sites as well. One of the other cool things is you can right now go on the Blubrry website and in their search area put Geocaching World. there you can watch all of the available episodes as well. The REAL cool thing is Blubrry is available on Roku too. Roku is an Internet viewing box that you can hook to your television to access all sorts of Internet content. Everything from Netflix to you name it including Blubrry and all of the RVNN.tv shows! You can get all the information about Geocaching World, Internet TV, Roku and more at http://RVNN.tv.

You can go directly to the Geocaching World site on Blubrry here:

Check regularly to see the latest and greatest RVNN shows including Geocaching World.


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