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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HHH's Geocache of the Day: Why Do We Geocache?

What is it that compels us to go geocaching? I realize that is a blank check question and everybody has their own motivation. Yet the question remains, why do we love it so much? I personally can only give my viewpoint and a bit from others who have told me their thoughts. My conclusion is there is no definitive reason, usually there are multiple motivations. As I searched for today's Geocache of the Day I reflected on exactly what I was getting out of this amazing obsession.

First and foremost geocaching is just plain fun to do. You are given a goal to go out into an area that is most likely unfamiliar and explore it. Many times in terrains we don't normally venture into. I mean how many times does the expression , " wow this one is in a swamp", come into a conversation?  Then there is the exploration itself. We are not always comfortable with the areas we go into but that can also be a very powerful and fun aspect in of itself. We have to take that deep breath and just do it. Sometimes it is uneventful while others present opportunities of wonder we never would have experienced if it was not for geocaching.

Next bring on the hunt. Whether it is a park and grab or a difficulty five geocache you never know what exactly is involved with finding that cache until you go after it. Even the easy ones can demand logical thinking and "where the heck is it?" moments no matter how experienced you are. Then try to explain to a muggle the exhilaration that comes when you actually do find the geocache itself. After thousands of finds I have never uncovered a geocache and exclaimed, "oh, look there it is, ".  The day I do that is the day I turn in my GPS!

There really is not enough space on this blog's server to fully answer my thoughts of why do we go geocaching. What is great about this game, sport and obsession is that it is so vast in scope and has so many positive aspects to not only continue to grow in popularity but expand our imaginations. That alone will keep geocaching going for a very long time. What gets you to go out and go geocaching. I would love to hear from you!
Until the next geocaching adventure...

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1 comment:

Jeromy said...

i think that the question can be also be posed to the cache hiders. why would they spend so much time and sometimes money, coming up with the next great hide container or spot.
is it the challenge to create, the camouflage trickery, the community, the adventure, or something else that pushes us back out there into the woods or concrete jungle?