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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HHH's Geocache of the Day: And To All A Little Rain Must Fall

Bison Tube in Homemade Mold
Well ya know it sounded like a good idea at the time.  Today's Geocache of the Day adventure had a geocache that was only 500 or so feet off a nearby parking lot. It was a 1.5 / 1.5 so no big deal right? Well.....

Long story short I thought this was going to be a really easy park and grab and it turned out being one of my longer recent hikes which actually took me around said parking lot, over a busy street bridge, down to a greenway and then the .20 mile hike to where the geocache actually was. The find itself only took about ten minutes but whilest the searching continued the sound of oncoming thunder grabbed my attention. It was one of those times in the woods where it was so still you could hear the rain coming and I had a bit of a hike before I was going to be back in my cachemobile. Oh Goodie!

As I hastily finished signing the log and placed it back into it's geocache host the rain started. It was just sprinkles but the drops were large and I knew if I didn't get to my car soon I was going to have a very moist afternoon at work. So on I trodded down the greenway. Fortunately for me the rain suddenly halted and I did make it to my car in resonably good fashon. In fact it was not long after that the deluge hit and I was very grateful for the timing of this rain cloud.

This little lesson taught me that the quickest route to a geocache is sometimes not the plausable one and even though the sky does not look threatning at the time an unexpected storm can always hit us unaware. The best thing to do is be prepared though sometimes things just happen. Enjoy the experience and have fun geocaching anyways. At the very least it makes a great story.

Until tomorrows geocaching adventure.


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Anonymous said...

I had something very similar happen. The skies were over cast and there was a threat of rain in the air but I figured the 500 feet to the cache wouldn't be that bad. I started my walk towards the cache when I heard the first rumbles of thunder and stopped asking my self should I go on or turn back? well I decided to go on as I was already half way there. AS I was almost there I began to feel a bit of mist, saying a little prayer, Lord please just let it hold off a few more minutes, I made it to the cache, made the find and just as I got the log out and unrolled it started to rain. Just as I got it signed the deluge started, Well I know I was there as I was totally drenched and I have the scrathes to show for my search but the rain washed all traces of my name from the log... LOL.. Guess I need to get water proof ink for the next time. As I rolled up the log as quickly as I could and trying to keep it as dry as possible I laughed at my self. Next time I will rethink the short walk on an overcast day when there is the threat of rain in the air. Cache on.. There is always and adventure around the next cache.. Chellelay (Louisiana)

richarder said...

The picture looks like something you'd see on Mythbusters as they attempt to blow up a tree!