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Thursday, May 5, 2011

HHH's GotD: Sign Geocaches

Sign, sign everywhere's a sign or something like that. For the geocacher that likes quick park and grabs and really wants a high amount of numbers. A sign style geocache can be just as popular as a LPC (Lamp Post Caches). I have seen entire series of geocaches placed in, on or around signs.

Today's lunchtime Geocache of the Day was necessary because of the impending thunder storms in the area. So I had to move fast. It turned out to be a cute little red bison tube with a.magnet glued on it to keep in place. Always a winner in my book when going for a fast smiley.

Just remember that sign hides can be tricky depending on the hider. I have seen several that the geocache owner put just that little bit of extra effort into it and the geocacher marked a DNF because the usual looking spots were vacant. My advice is check everything and everywhere. The obvious many times holds the key to success. Hows that for geo-cryptic.

Until tomorrow's geocaching adventure.


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