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Thursday, May 12, 2011

HHH's Geocache of the Day: Meeting up with a Geocache OP

I almost thought that today's Geocache of the Day was going to be a complete bust and yet it was one of my more pleasant experiences. It first started out with me trying to experiment with Opencaching.com's new app for the Android. There was not a whole lot of geocaches registered near me except for one. It happened to be inside a county park and appeared to be a bit of a bushwhack from a hiking trail. With all the heavy rain last night and today I was not all that excited about getting wet but hey I have responsibilities to my viewers. So onward I drove.

As I entered into the park I knew I was going to be in trouble for this particular hide. Because of all the rain the county park actually closed down all the trails within the park today. Well, bummer. I didn't want to go away with a goose egg and I wanted to respect the park rules so I whipped out my geocaching app and found an alternative find. Back on the road again.

This particular geocache actually peaked my interest right away. It dealt with the presence of a particularly cool tree. I like unusual trees, don't know why but I find them fascinating. As I approached ground zero I knew instantly the point of interest.  As I was searching I heard some rustling behind me and then the sound of a pleasant "Hello". The owner of the geocache happened to be driving by when I was searching and decided to see how I was doing.

We talked about geocaching for a good bit and after a very nice conversation the op had to move on and quite frankly so did I. Quickly I snapped a few photos of this cool tree and I was on my way to the nearest drive-thru. Once again this points out how friendly many geocachers are and one of the things we do enjoy is the reactions and comments given about our hides.

Until the next geocaching adventure...


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