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Friday, May 6, 2011

HHH's GotD: Geocaches That Make You Go - Awesome!

Ceramic Mushroom Geocache

Geocaching is one of those amazing activities that allows you as the finder almost unlimited opportunities of discovery. What I mean by that is some geocaches are hidden in a way that they do not want to be found so you have to use logic and reasoning to find them. Others are placed in more obvious hiding spots and you get the enjoyment of the find without having to wrack your brains over it. Yet even others fall into that category I like to call as "Awesome". It isn't necessarily what is in the hide but the geocache container itself. Those geocache containers that you can just see the creativity and it literally makes you smile when you see it.

Today's Geocache of the Day was one of those types of hides. The placement was out in the middle of a fairly dense woods and off the trail by quite a bit. I figure it would have to be because you wouldn't want something like this to be muggled. If you look at today's photo you will see a really cool ceramic mushroom. It was so neat to be looking around for what I thought would be a typical geocache container and to find this almost mythical looking item just sitting there. Awesome!

Just another example of how creative geocachers can be and what makes this splendorous activity what it is.

Until the next geocaching adventure...


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