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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Behind the Scenes of Geocaching Podcast: Episode #204 - EU Geocoinfest

Tonight's Geocaching Podcast was a bit unique. We had to do the LIVE recording of it at 7:30pm EST instead of the normal 9:30pm EST. The reason was because our guest "Guido" was from Germany and with the time change it was already 1:30am his time.

Guido was one of the organizers of the EU Geocoin Fest which will be held this August 28th, 2011 in Cologne, Germany. They are boasting it to be the largest Geocoinfest in the world. Apparently they are expecting 1400 geocachers on the main event day. The event goes that Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can check out the Sunday event by looking up GC2GPHN.

Our guest speaker did a fantastic job and we thanked him for staying up so late and providing such a wonderful overview of everything that is going to go on. You really should listen to the Geocaching Podcast to understand the big picture of everything there.

As far as the early show banter XpunkX and Darrylw4 was a lot of fun as usual. Neither of the guys got to do much geocaching but we did discuss our new toys like XpunkX's new Iphone4 and my IPad 2. Fun was had by all. Be sure to again check out the show when it comes out in the next day or so.

Well that's all for now. Cya next week!


The Geocaching Podcast is recorded each week on Wednesday's at 9:30pm EST. Cya There.

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Scott aka firesafe said...

I missed the podcast today - only just picked up on the time change

Oh well next week