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Monday, May 2, 2011

HeadHardHats Geocache of the Day: Hiding in Plain Sight

Check out this PVC geocache host

Today's GotD was one that I deem 'Hiding in plain sight'. These geocaches are so unusual that when hidden, if you can call it that, they are completely ignored by just about everyone. Everyone except for the geocachers that go looking for them. In today's example you see a PVC geocache that was strapped to a telephone pole. the telephone pole was on an empty intersection so the muggle count would be minimal. I just find it interesting how successfully it is marked and yet remains untouched. It is not a puzzle cache, you simply unscrew the bottom and the cache container is revealed. Very cool. I wonder how many variants to a theme this can present? Have you found obvious geocaches right in the middle of everything?

Until tomorrows next geocaching adventure...

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John said...

How 'bout an Ammo Can disguised as a security camera and put in plain sight behind a strip mall. Took 4 trips before I finally spotted it.

rhr_nl said...

This is a regular in the Netherlands hidden in full sight: http://coord.info/gc224jr and this one is archived but the name says it all: http://coord.info/gc22npa