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Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting Ready To Go To The Geowoodstock IX Meet-Up Event

Well gang we made it. Geoness and I made the eleven hour trip from Raleigh, North Carolina to our hotel which happens to be an hour from the GeoWoodstock IX Fairgrounds.

It was kind of cool that Dave Dufour and Andy McCaskey arrived at the hotel within minutes of each other. They came from the far side of Indiana and hit the road about 8:30 this morn. Whilst Geoness and I left at 5:15am. Oh what we do to have a chance of meeting our fans and viewers.

Whelp just about time to meet up with the guys and head to the Geocaching Event. There will be tons of things going on tomorrow. We will be doing setup at 7am EST and once complete I will be sending out tweets, pix and information about what LIVE Ustreams that will be available and when.

Remember to follow me on twitter @HeadHardHat for like me on Facebook to get all the up to date information as the day goes on. This blog will also have updates sent to it as well. So you are covered whether you are actually at GeoWoodstock IX or not.

Either way a lot of fun will be for all.


1 comment:

Dan Tinkel said...

Must have been a mass exodus from IN. "Kandee & Dan" also left from mishawaka at 8am, traveling along the Toll Road & Ohio Turnpike.