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Thursday, April 3, 2008

BarnYard Fun Series Open For Business

One of the things that I could not help but notice about Hwy 96 between Hwy 1 and I-85 was the lack of caches. Shy of one which was a tad off the beat'n path there was nothing.. So I had to do something about that. I hope that I came up with a cute and fun series to try.

It has a story background. You see the barnyard gate was left open and several cows and some chickens got loose. It is your job to find Farmer Bob, the cows Betsy, Buttercup and Little Bo and of course the chickens. The interesting part with these park and grab micros is I only give four of the coords. If you choose to do so you can look for Little Bo and email the HHH her coords so we can get her back to the barn..

Look up Barnyard Fun via my user name (HeadHardHat) and have some good clean geocaching fun.
Note a micro 35mm and a FTF certificate with the log book.

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