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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Caches Come From The Strangest of Things...

If you go back a couple of days and check out the post EU457 How You Taunght Me So... you will read about how a rather interesting and down right frustrating cache it turned out to be. I found the container so odd that I asked Ringer what it was made of and here is what he told me...

"The container is a bit strange and I know that. Caching is one of mymany hobbies and because I already had the GPS, because of hunting, a relatively inexpensive hobby at that. One of my more costly activitiesis hunting. The cache is actually a broken hand held powder horn of sorts. When loading a flintlock rifle the powder, patch, and ball rejammed down the barrel and the pan on the side needs to be filled with gunpowder as well. The cache is that powder filler for the pan… TimMcGrawlookalike also wondered about the cache shape. I guess I take some things for granted because I see them so often and don’t think that others may not."

How cool is that?


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