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Monday, April 21, 2008

Cache Found! I Just Love FTFs...

What can I say, this FTF in Henderson, North Carolina was meant for me. My email sent an announcement that a new cache was close. It was sprinkling out but hey this is an FTF we are talking about. Took an early lunch from work and busted a move getting to the cache site.

Just as I drove up to the cache area the clouds parted, the birds twittered and I could have swore I heard angels singing... Okay, NOT, what really happened was the rain did stop, a bird used my windshield for target practice and the only thing I heard was my stomach growling but what kind of story would that be?

The area needs some serious CITO (Cache In Trash Out). I filled out a whole garbage bag in about a minute and you can hardly tell I was there. Found the cache rather quickly once I maneuvered around some brambles (briers). Signed the log and went out for lunch before returning to work.. Nice lunch hour...

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