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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spending Time In Kittrell Confederate Cemetery, North Carolina

I have cleaned out 98% of all the caches in the Oxford/Henderson, NC areas. That is a shame because it is such a great stress relief to go out on my lunch hour and do some caching. Not sure why I went today, I had already picked up four caches this morning. For whatever reason I went out even with the threat of rain to get one of the last one available. It was in a Confederate Cemetery of all places, just outside of South Henderson, NC. Found the cache almost immediately but spent another 20 minutes or so just looking around. You could almost feel the history in the air. While walking around there were dozens of stones for Confederate Soldiers and also nearby farm folk.

I have always loved history and even though my recollections have faded over the years I have a soft spot for the Civil War. To be in an actual Confederate Cemetery for the first time gave me a different perspective of my understanding of history. This was hitting too close to home since my wife's son Josh came home from Iraq a couple of years ago. It dawned on me that even though he was hurt, he came home. These gents did not make it out of the hospital alive. Doesn't matter what the date is on the stone, it is someone's son or daughter.

Found this rather odd looking tree and thought it worth showing...

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