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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold.... or not.

Greetings GeoCache Fans,

You may or may not have read one of my past posts called EU457. This little gem was about a particularly troublesome cache hidden by Oxford, NC's own Ringer2410. Long story short, I had to eat some crow and get a hint to find the darn thing.
Yesterday I get an email from Ringer asking if the coords were correct for that cache and if so could I give him a hint. Well look who's glove is on the other foot now? Recently, I put out a new cache called, "Playing on the Railroad Tracks" and ole Mr. Ringer is having some difficulty finding my homemade cache. Well, nanners....
Err or not, I wish I could be the vindictive type but the truth in the matter is Ringer is a really nice guy and since we seem to be the only ones putting new caches in the Oxford area I better be nice, cuz he's a clever dude and I will most likely be the next one to need the hint...
Sooooo, needless to say, when I was going back to the cache site this morning to revalidate the coords guess who I see scouring the tracks? Yup, Ringer. I stayed a goodly distance away and watched the man work. He only took a couple of minutes and it appeared he had found my cache. Shortly after putting everything back in place he started to drive away. That was when he noticed where I was parked and came over to say hi. After a brief talk and just before we parted he handed me a GeoCoin and said for me to put it in a good spot. I didn't think too much about it until did a little research about out it. Then I realized it was a coin Ringer had just taken from a 5 /5 cache site. The hardest you can find and/or get to. That was really cool in my eyes so I am going to take it down to a particular cache of mine in Garner where people will appreciate the find.
Ringer2410 is a class act and I look forward to caching with him at some up coming event.

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